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23 November 2006 @ 10:08 am

Watching the Parade coverage on the Today Show and the Early Show and man do I miss NYC. I see the background and am like "oooh i know that, i've been there 100s of times" etc...I wish I was there!!

Today I'm going to my Uncle's house for Thanksgiving and spend it with him, my mom, the baby and my Aunt and her family. I love her family so it should be fun, though my mom doesn't like her family all that much so that might be awkward...

can't wait to see the parades right now! Drowsy will be on CBS and a Chorus Line and a bunch of others on NBC...*bounces*

Who else is watching the parade? Any of you NYCers at the parade?

Molly: For being there when I need you! For NYC trips and many happy memories

Tammy: For always making me laugh and endulging in my obsessions even if you have no clue what they are :)

Flinn: For being the best distraction when I'm feeling down, you are amazing, hon!

Helena: For making me laugh and giving me cool music recs and always listening to me

Kim: For making my NYC trips the most memorable things, for showercaps and Slutterday Nights, and being the lotto queen

Heather: For all the amazing times in NYC, for drunken hotel room nights, for "I never breathed"

Nyk: For being adorable and having so much in common, for bottle caps on the wall and for never not taking a drink in I Never

Lori: For being a good friend, for spinning icons, for saying about Amy Spanger "You like her don't you"

Nick: For late night IMS, Gay Sims, Pretty broadway boys and making me laugh

Ashley: For 24 and KFC Biscutis, For Josh Kelley concerts and hot merch guys, for Friday's and Meijer trips

The Katie: For pretty broadway boy talk, for bonding over bootlegs, for being insane, but in a good way, for trusting me and talking to me when you need a friend.

Kim Katie: For Altar Boyz and Slut, For Moinster Sluts and Scott bringing up pregnant chicks, for icons and friendship

Teresa: For listening to me when I'm sad, for coming to see me when I'm in philly, for NYC and Toys R Us and DRS Lotto and so much more

Syl: for being my political equal and always caring about what's going on in my life, for cyber hugs

D: For 24 and Buffy obsessions, For icon love, for fanfiction and 100s of e-mails, for JM droolage

Suny: (though I doubt she'll read this) For giving me a place to stay and a friendly ear when I need it, for never judging me and making me feel good about myself. (I miss you!)

For anyone else I missed, because I'm really tired, I love you all soooo much and am very thankful to have every one of you in my life

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If I Never Hear: The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
nicolexoboshoexo on November 23rd, 2006 04:40 pm (UTC)
The only good part of the parade was the Jersey Boys on CBS and Chorus Line on the Macy's.
Sylvike: Cookiesyellowstars hug1fishsanwitt on November 23rd, 2006 05:37 pm (UTC)
Have a wonderful day :)

dark and twisty.emeraldminuet on November 23rd, 2006 06:02 pm (UTC)
It was a fabulous parade! :)