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26 May 2009 @ 08:19 pm
California Upholds Prop 8...Sad Day for Gay Rights  
This WAS an unjust ruling. No matter where you stand on the side of gay marriage, this case was different. This was already a right they had and it was voted on to take away from them. Since when do we vote to take people's rights away? This decision has me fired up completely. This is such a travesty. My neighbor has no right to tell anyone how they should live their lives, who they should love and who they should marry. As long as no one is hurting anyone this should be a non issue! Honestly whose business is it if two consenting adults want to get married.

I've heard the arguements over and over again against gay marriage...
It's in the bible? Well news flash marriage is not a religious ceremony, it's a LEGAL ceremony. Yes you can get married in a church, but only after you go through the legal process first of getting a license etc. When you get divorced you don't go to the church to get divorced you go to the courts. Also if marriage is strictly a religious thing then how come Atheists and Agnostics can get married? Should we not allow them to get married now since they too are "against god?"

Marriage should be for procreation: Well then we shouldn't allow infertile or elderly couples or couples that don't want kids to get married. Also with modern medicine being so awesome gays CAN and Do raise children, with surrogates and invitro as well as adoption. So gay couples CAN produce children in one way or another.

Well, that's the way it's always been! I hate this arguement because a lot of things used to be the way things always been til they changed. We used to treat women as property...but that changed. We used to not let interracial marriage and that changed. We used to burn people accused of being witches and we don't do that anymore. A lot of things used to be tradition, but times change and so do we.

It can lead to people marrying goats and children and more than one person: First off goats and children really? Even just play devils advocate here and say this would even come up and isn't a ridiculous notion. Animals and Children can not legally enter into contracts, and marriage is essentially a legal contract. Therefore this point is moot. As for Marrying more than one person, this is already against the law and thus a moot point. This is easily remedied by just putting in language stating TWO consenting Adults can enter into Marriage.

I have very strong views, as you can tell, about this subject and can't wait til the next generation is in power. You look at the 30 and under crowd and overwhelmingly they are pro gay rights and gay marriage, it's pretty much a non issue the younger and younger you go. I know it's only a matter of time, but I wish that time was now and we could just move on from hating what we don't understand or think is "icky" and just realize that we are all human beings that just want happiness and a family.

What TWO consenting ADULTs do is their own business, get out of my friends and neighbors bedroom. If you don't want gay marriage, then don't marry anyone whose gay!

*steps off soapbox*
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