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Another Bright Red Day

We Learn Johanna To Say Goodbye

6 June 1981
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Well i'm a 25 year old college graduate who obsesses over quite a few things, if you read my journal you'll find out what my current obsessions of the moment are!
I love music, broadway, television and the normal stuff.

I'm currently working at an insurance agency and am happy with my job for the most part...would be happier if I was closer to NYC

Umm that's about it...see my interests for more about me...warning you there are quite a lot!! LOL...i like a lot of things, sue me! :)

24, a new brain, abolish the death penalty, adam pascal, adrian lewis morgan, adventures in babysitting, al franken, ali larter, alice ripley, altar boyz, american idol, amy spanger, andrew kerr, andrew lincoln, andy karl, angel the series, ani difranco, anne heaton, anthony rapp, assassins, avenue q, barack obama, bare: a pop opera, bat boy, beth leavel, big brother, blake bashoff, bree williamson, brian lowdermilk, broadway, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, callum blue, chantal kreviazuk, charisma carpenter, christian kane, coleen sexton, company, cordy/angel, daemons, dazed and confused, dead like me, declan bennett, democrat, drowsy chaperone, edie carey, eliza dushku, ellen muth, emm gryner, euan morton, fanfic, feeling electric, folk music, forbes march, freedom of speech, grey's anatomy, harley jay, harry potter, heroes, his dark materials, hunter foster, jake gyllenhaal, james marsters, jason dohring, jason robert brown, jay wilkison, jeffrey carlson, jenna leigh green, jeremy kushnier, jim stanek, john hill, john tartaglia, jonathan groff, jonathan larson, joshua kobak, juniper lane, karen ires, kay hanley, kendra kassebaum, kerry butler, kiss me kate, kristen bell, leigh hetherington, lestat, letters to cleo, liberal, lindsey/darla, liz phair, lj icons, logan/lilly, logan/veronica, louis black, lucky town, lyra, maggie benjamin, malcolm gets, manoel felciano, marcus/erika, mark cohen, mark/roger, matt caplan, maureen johnson, maureen/roger, michael arden, michael moore, musicals, norbert leo butz, nyc, philip pullman, raul esparza, remus lupin, rent, rentheads, sam seder, sam shaber, sara chase, scott speedman, sirius black, sirius/remus, slut the musical, spike, spring awakening, stephen lynch, stephen sondheim, sumladfromcov, sutton foster, svu, sylvia plath, t.r. knight, taboo, tamyra gray, teddy goldstein, terami hirsch, the bell jar, the last 5 years, the simpsons, thoroughly modern millie, tick tick boom, tony/michelle, tori amos, trey ellett, tyler maynard, underworld, veronica mars, veruca salt, wesley/faith, will parry, william finn, yassmin alers